Talal Jabari is a Palestinian-American cinematographer and filmmaker who has worked around the globe, capturing life; from the bustling streets of Kampala to the cultural tapestry of Beirut, the artistic scenes of Berlin, and the captivating landscapes of Bishkek. Proficient in English, Arabic, French, Hebrew, and Spanish, he effortlessly navigates diverse cultural and linguistic landscapes.

Whether it's intimate verité documentaries or insightful sit-down interviews, Talal's portfolio is as varied as the locations he explores. He has filmed socio-political, historical, and sports documentaries as well as two scripted musicals.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Talal continues to pursue his desire to share meaningful stories that transcend boundaries and celebrate the universal aspects of the human condition.

e-mail: talal@gocapture.tv


Best Documentary | Full Signal [Myrtle Beach Int'l Film Festival]

Audience Award | Full Signal [Gasparilla Int'l Film Festival]